I help audiences and heritage sites connect with each other in exciting and meaningful ways. To this end, my work straddles interpretive planning, exhibition-making, and institutional fundraising. While my background skews heavily toward the visual arts, I’m passionate about natural history, social history, LGBTQ topics, and racial justice.

I graduated from a studio art program, where I discovered my passion and acumen for working with artists and facilitating artist-driven projects – many of which would come to involve creative interpretations of collections or sites. Growing up in North-Central Arizona, I developed an early passion for the natural world, a theme which continues to influence my work.

From 2014-2015, I was Exhibitions Manager at Sullivan Galleries, the 10,000 square foot teaching gallery of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I was responsible for the installation of over a dozen exhibitions, including the landmark exhibition A Proximity of Consciousness: Art and Social Change, multiple student thesis exhibitions, faculty projects, and performance art festivals. From 2015-2017, I was Director of Exhibitions at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago, where we made some incredible changes you can read more about here; among them, inviting over 20 artists to co-develop special exhibitions, revamping permanent exhibitions and the visitor experience, and effectively fundraising for new initiatives. I am currently Development Officer for Exhibitions at the Jewish Museum in New York, where I fundraise for amazing projects you’ll hear about soon.

All writing on this website is my own, unless otherwise noted.